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Log grapple WYJ-180p


1. Model: WYJ-180P
2. Weight: 900kg;
3. Suitable excavator models: 18-20 tons;
4. Working pressure: 16~21MPa;
5. Rotary drive type: vertical straight tooth, hydraulic brake;
6. Clamp drive type: Bunching type, single cylinder and double connecting bar;
7. Suitable for large-scale port timber handling construction, eucalyptus handling, bamboo handling, sugarcane handling and other construction occasions, The holding structure will highly improve the operation efficiency;
8. Other name: grabs, excavator grapple, excavator grabs, log grab, excavator attachment, log grab, grapple;
Grabs WYJ180P excavator grapple for 18 to 20 ton excavator with high strength log grapple

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xuvol Log grapple xuvol Log grapple


xuvol Log grapple

Advantages of the grapple:

1.Using special steel, Xuvol WYJ-180-P log grapple has the advantages of light weight, good strength, and abrasion resistance;Grabs WYJ180P excavator grapple for 18 to 20 ton excavator with high strength log grapple;

2.The grapple control method adopts an electronic control handle operating system, equipped with imported solenoid valves, which can control the rotation speed;

3.The WYJ-180-P can rotate 360 degrees clockwise and counter clockwise, and the operation is smooth;

4.It can be stalled on 18t-20t excavator, use for loading and unloading wood, sugarcane and other materials. Greatly improving work efficiency and greatly saving labor costs.

More advanced electro-hydraulic ratio technology

Electro-hydraulic proportional solenoid valve


Woyuan log grapple WYJ-180-P-L-D could be installed on 90% brand of excavator

xuvol Log grapple xuvol Log grapple woyuan Log grapple