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Grapple Saw WYJ-100W

The advantages of a Xuvol grapple saw:
• Fast and safe removal of trees
• Suitable for all brand of excavators.
• Easy installation
• Just one person needed on the ground
• Save up to 60% in man-hours and materials
• Directly from the tree into the container or chipper
• Hardly any clean-up work after felling

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xuvol Log Grapple Saw xuvol Log Grapple Saw Log Grapple Saw

WYJ-100W Log Grapple Saw

1.Filtering can be fine -tuned
2.Used for wood cutting segments
3.Multiple roots can be grabbed at one time
4.Strong and efficient
● The device undertakes excavator power;
● Using high-speed saw motor, high speed, fast cutting;
● The adjustment oil cylinder of the slidable saw frame assembly is added, so that the lower knife position can still be adjusted after the clamping knife hugs the wood, which is more convenient and more accurate.
5.Strong applicability
● It can match common excavators, telescopic booms, cranes and other machinery of various brands.
6.Electric control handle control, convenient and quick operation, saving manpower
7.Easy to install - no additional hydraulic lines - just open the grapple and close the grapple


The hand saw is a forestry machinery component used in conjunction with an excavator to cut and segment trees. It is mainly used for cutting and segmenting wood and can be used for snatching and loading. It is also suitable for municipal garden dredging operations. It is a simple version The advanced logging machine meets the needs of low cost and high efficiency in forestry felling.

WYJ-100W hand saw is specially designed for high-efficiency forestry harvesting. The maximum cutting diameter is 500mm. It is made of special steel, which has the advantages of light weight and good wear resistance. The saw is designed to automatically return to one-button control to realize the automatic return of saw components after sawing. Operation, and can be rotated 360 degrees, the operation is smooth, in addition, the rod and chain can be quickly replaced, and the maintenance is convenient.

Log Grapple Saw Log Grapple Saw WYJ-100W