Xuvol Timber harvester head

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Timber harvester head WYJ360F

XUVOL Parameter of forestry harvester head

Log harvester head features:

1. Model: WYJ-360F wood harvester head
2. XUVOL tree harvester head with Agile universal cutting head, wide range of applications
3. Excellent geometric structure design forestry harvester head.
4. Fast and powerful feeding system Multifunctional control system tree harvester.
5. Easy maintenance and economical parts prices log harvester.
6. Suitable for multi-path logging timber harvester.
7. Any length of cutting lengths can be selected with feeding rollers wood harvester. Forestry machinery Xuvol WYJ360F log harvester with free segment cutting timber harvester head

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Parameter of forestry harvester head:

Xuvol Timber harvester head

Advantages of XUVOL WYJ360F timber harvester head:

1. Outstanding performance
Computer version control, free setting of cutting length, more accurate segmentation cutting, log harvester, automatic feeding, automatic debranching, blocking processing, flow self-adaptation, automatic chain saw tensioning, easier operation wood harvester head.

2. Smooth operability
Autonomous programming control system forestry harvester head. Operation is more in line with the actual needs of felling and user operating habits wood harvester.

3. Excellent working efficiency and economy
Targeted design tree harvester, optimal host matching, High cutting efficiency and low fuel consumption.

4. Features of wood harvester
A. Maximum felling diameter 360mm
B. The cutting length is accurate and the efficiency is high forestry harvester.
C. High intelligence.


Xuvol tree harvester head WYJ-360F could be installed on 90% brand of excavator

xuvol Timber harvester head xuvol Timber harvester head xuvol Timber harvester head