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China logging machine XVF-850C

XUVOL Parameter of forestry harvester head

Log harvester head features:

1. Model: XVF-850C forestry harvester
2. Max Cutting Diameter: 850mm
3. Adapted to Excavator: 20-30 tons
4. Net Weigt:1800kg timber harvester for sale
5. The operating pressure is allowed to be higher and the operation is more stable China wood harvester
6. Proportional valve control, adapt to various working conditions China tree harvester head.
7. Intelligent control system, flexible operation. Use Xuvol Harvester head timber wolf control program. Many languages available. Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish China tree harvester machine price
8. High-strength steel plate is heated and welded, and the steel is not easy to crack. Could be work in harsh working environment even temperature down to -40℃.
9. Different Feeding Rollers adaptable to different tree species all around the world forestry harvester head.

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xuvol Timber harvester head

Technical Parameter of China Forest Tree Harvester XVF-850C

XUVOL Parameter of forestry harvester head

China XUVOL Tree Harvester excavator log forest machine description:

1.XVF-850C is XUVOL new design third generation logging machine. Upgrade rollers and knives ensure it could cut large trees and more higher working efficiency.

2.Hydraulic Rotator China forest harvesters Powerful Rotation, Brand: Black Bruin USA (Customized by other brand is available SAG USA, SKF SWEDEN). Three functions: Central rotation, Swivel, Support, The carrying capacity reaches to 16 tons

3.Front Knives The structure is more stable, and the Sophisticated design is better for holding the trunk and removing branches. More powerful forestry equipments

4.Feeding Rollers Sprocket-type feeding Roller, no damage to the tree, a variety of functional feeding rollers for your options excavator tree harvesters. .

5.Length measuring code roller

6.The overall structure is easy to disassemble, the unique code roller design does not clog debris, and the measurement is more accurate forest logging machines.

7.Operation Systerm Unique timber wolf felling control system, the program interface is simple and refreshing, easy to learn, and easy to operate. Customized by your language. Chinese, English, Russian versions.


Xuvol log harvester head XVF-850C

xuvol Timber harvester head