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Features and Advantages of Wood Crusher:

1. Compact structure and simple design make wood crusher easy to clean and maintain.
2. High yield and stable working performance ensure a continuous running.
3. It's can crush logs, branches, shrubs, bamboo, straw, bark, wheat stalks, and other wood material into sawdust or sawdust. Raw material has better crushing effect.
4. Crushed wood material are about 3-5 mm and can be used for biopelletizing directly.

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Live trees, branches and tree roots, construction materials from lumber, bamboo, Scrap wood and brushwood can be crushed powerfully.

By crushing the wood waste materials in wooded areas, not only we can reduce the waste, but also we can reuse the waste as natural resources by producing wood chips and vegetable manure heap and use as energy. XUVOL is contributing to the earth environment and to society.

Wood Crusher Application:

1.Suitable material: wood branches, bamboo, couch grass, corn and sorghum stalks, wheat straw, tree roots, boards etc.
2.Applicable industry : Our wood crusher can be used in paper making, high density board(HDB), fiberboard,chipboard, edible fungi cultivation, biopellets production, biomass briquettes production, boiler burningetc.


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wood crusher wood crusher wood crusher