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Tree Shear XVJ04-J


1. 1.Model: XVJ04-J
2. Weight: 233kg
3. Suitable excavator models: 3-5 tons
4. Knife clamp drive type:grab type, single oil cylinder, double connecting rod
5. Slewing drive type: vertical straight tooth,single motor,hydraulic brake attachment, log grab, grapple Grabs

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Parameters for Tree Shear Parameters for Tree Shear Tree Shear Tree Shear

More advanced electro-hydraulic ratio technology

xuvol Tree Shear

Product characteristics:

1.Using special steel, with light weight, good strength, wear resistance and other advantages 2.Control mode adopts electric control handle operating system, equipped with imported solenoid valve, can control the speed, can rotate 360 degrees. 3.Fast and easy to use, smooth operation - increases productivity 4.Stable in cutting and loading position,Complete control over all functions 5.Perfect for use as a traditional loading grab,Easy to install - no additional hydraulic lines - just open and close the grab

The weight of the XVJ04-J-XC Tree Shear is 233kg, suitable for excavators of 3-5 tons. It adopts a single-cylinder double-link grabbing knife and a vertical tooth drive method. It is easier to use when trimming branches. It is convenient and fast, and also safer and more efficient. It can be installed on an excavator and controlled remotely by humans, making the construction process safer. It can not only trim branches, but also clean up the built branches, which greatly improves the construction efficiency and reduces the Labor cost.

Tree Shear