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Material handling machine XVZL-460C Grabber


1. 1.Model: XVZL-460C Grabber
2. Total length :13000mm
3. Total width (with walkway) is 3210mm
4. The total height is 3700mm
5. The weight of the whole machine is 46000kg
6. The length of the boom is 92000mm
7. Stick length is 6300mm
8. One machine with multiple functions Various accessories such as shell grab, log grab, plum blossom grab, half-button grab, and hook are optional.

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xuvol Grabber


1.XUVOL Material Handlers with grapple saw are specially designed for efficient, safe and light clearing of trees, suitable for all terrains.

2.The accessories of XUVOL Material Handlers machines are available in various versions, so that the best match can always be achieved according to different applications of customers. For example, Material Handlers with grapple saw can be used for tree trimming, segmentation, stacking, cleaning, and can also be used for material handling in other places.

3.XUVOL Material Handlers trimming, cutting, loading and stacking operations are all completed within the scope of the operator's lifting and tilting cab, which greatly enhances the safety of construction and improves the visibility of construction.


xuvol Log grapple


xuvol Log grapple

XVZL-460C Grabber

1. Compared with the same level of engine, the power is large, the power is sufficient, the explosive power is strong, and it is powerful.

2. Using the world-class traveling motor and axle box system, the driving force is more prominent, equipped with a suspension system, and the driving is more stable.

3. It can be equipped with various attachments to meet different working conditions.

4. Four steering modes: front wheel, rear wheel, four-wheel, and crab shape, to meet the steering needs of narrow spaces.

5. The electronic accelerator pedal realizes precise control and high stability.

6. Reinforced large and small arms, stronger and more durable.

7. The standard cab is lifted and lowered to have a better view.

8. The lengthened and widened type get off the car to improve the stability of the whole machine operation, especially the safety of sideways operation.

Material handling machine XVZL-460C Grabber