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Forestry machinery new arrival, XVW-80 Wheel Excavators Small Forestry Excavator XVW-80 full hydraulic wheel excavator, in accordance with the design concept of real high-end wheel excavator, higher level of configuration, better texture, better workmanship details.
Small Engine displacement, Low Energy Consumption Yuchai engine has large displacement, higher torque at low speed and low energy consumption, which can create more economic benefits for customers.


1. Imported HUSCO distribution valve, load sensitive hydraulic system, 10% energy saving, more comfortable operation
2. Reinforced I-frame connecting rod, cast steel front and rear axles, strong, reliable and durable
3. Blow to dissipate heat. Cool summer standard configuration. Split heating air conditioner

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High Flexibility

XVW-80 is equipped with high density of material, which can make the volume smaller and the mass bigger. Better stability without taking up more tail space, with a minimum tail turning radius of only 1945mm, allowing for better performance in tight spaces.
Less swing space is required when clamping close to the truck.

High Reliability and Durability

XVW-80 is available in both standard and clamp models, and all of them are equipped with double cylinders of the boom as standard, making it more powerful for both digging and lifting operations.
The clamp model has a longer and stronger boom and bucket bar, which enables a large effective working range and a variety of work attachments to meet diversified needs, making it suitable for efficient production in different working conditions and bringing better profits to users.
The large capacity of 180L fuel tank, with lower fuel consumption power, can have a longer life. The chassis adopts a wide body design, the whole machine has a lower center of gravity and good operational stability.
Uniform mass distribution can better ensure the balance of operation and travel. Equipped with efficient and flexible automatic transmission system, easy and comfortable operation and high efficiency. The fender is equipped with independent mounting base, which can be quickly disassembled and installed during maintenance.
Our self-developed front and rear drive axles have obtained many national patents, and the core components are reinforced and enlarged, which can adapt to more harsh operating environment and meet the requirements of the whole life cycle. Reasonable matching, stable and reliable, low maintenance cost.

Large and Comfortable Cab

With a more spacious interior structure, the driver has more space to move effectively. Large size glass design, wide visibility and less blind spot. Equipped with double rail suspension seat, supporting multi-dimensional adjustment, adapting to different drivers. Ergonomic layout of the operating device, long hours of operation is not easy to fatigue. Equipped with dual high-definition images for reversing and blind spot monitoring, and independent monitoring impact display.
Equipped with heating and cooling air conditioner, creating a more comfortable operating environment. There are electronic throttle knob, cigarette lighter, storage compartment, storage net pocket and other practical configurations, which are in line with the safety standards of hydraulic excavator operating room, equipped with fire extinguishers, escape hammer etc.

Convenience of maintenance

Equipped with the intelligent control system, which can diagnose and alarm more than 800 kinds of faults in power, hydraulic and body in real time, enhance the target of maintenance, significantly reduce the difficulty of maintenance, and can realize the maintenance prompt.

Multi-directional Safety Design

The machine is equipped with enlarged rear-view mirrors to minimize blind spots. There is also an independent light control system. Body reflective sticker design, front and rear driving, operational warning lights. It's also equipped with front and rear cameras, which ensure safer driving and operating.


Keeping the exhaust emission in line with our emission standards, the engine is environmentally friendly.