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Forestry tree harvester

forestry tree harvester

forestry tree harvester:

1. Using high-density sound insulation foam; Reduce working noise
2. Higher chassis is better for walking in woodland
3. Extended battery life by 2-3 hours (maximum speed)
4. Cutting diameter is 600mm

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Technical Parameter of China Forest Tree Harvester XVF-600

XUVOL Parameter of forestry harvester head

Technical Parameter of China forestry tree harvester

XUVOL Parameter of forestry harvester head

China XUVOL Tree Harvester excavator log forest machine description:

Tree harvester head of application is capable of cuttting, delimbing, measuring, segmentation and heaping.

Outstanding performace

computer version control, free setting of cutting length, more precise segment cutting, automatic feeding, automatic removal of branches, handling of blockages, self-reduction of flow, and easier operation of automatic chain saw tensioning.

Smooth operability

XUVOL developed theTimberwolves felling control system, and the operation is more in line with the actual felling needs and user operating habits, free setting of cutting length.

Excellent work efficiency and economy

Designed for the excavator model, the main engine is optimally matched, the felling efficiency is high, and the fuel consumption is low.

Cutting Diameter

The maximum felling diameter is 600mm, the segment length is accurate,the efficiency is high.


Xuvol log harvester head XVF-600C could be installed on 90% brand of excavator Tree cutting machine XUVOL XVF600C harvester head with powerful Chain saw log harvester

xuvol Timber harvester head forestry tree harvester excavator