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MF36 forwarder grapple

forwarder grapple


1. Model: MF36
2. Shape of bottom plate of frame is designed so that it covers the cylinder and rod.
3. Friction welded rod eye is designed to hold cylinder force and peak loads from grapple.
4. Collected feedback from field is notified on dimensions of rod.
5. Shape of brackets are optimized.
6. Creasing points are well protected inside of frame.
7. Tips of grabs are shaped so that they penetrate easy way to pile.
8. Tempered and hard chromium plated shafts ensure good durability.
9. Material of tip plate is wear resistant plate.

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forwarder grapple


xuvol forwarder grapple

Forwarder Grapple for MF-36:

The MF-36 grapples are made for easy and efficient wood handling. The MF36 ensures that the perfect choice is found for every user and solutions with protected cylinder rod and the optimized dimensioning of the rod together with the shape based on user experience makes the grapples a solid choice for every professional.

forwarder grapple, both for driving machines and timber trucks.

1. volume: 0.35 m3
2. maximum opening: 1560 mm
3. width: 422 mm
4. weight: 185 kg
5. max operating pressure: 250 bar
6. max load: 4500kg

xuvol forwarder grapple forwarder grapple forwarder grapple